house daydreams

by Nene

Someday I’ll be really bourgeois and have furniture like this in my small, colourful, beautiful Montreal home.

It’s really expensive, so maybe not really. But it’s still nice to imagine. Someday, though, I would like to have a beautiful house with lots of wood and open space. And a jarden to rival those of the Italian women in my neighborhood.

Speaking of which, my microgarden is flourishing, and I wish I had more enormous containers to expand it. The basil is producing leaves larger than my palms, the sage looks like it’s about to jump out and join the circus, the thyme is happy-looking despite being a stout, hardy plant, and the chives are tall, dark and handsome. Still no sign of the wildflowers, but one ground cherry sprout has really taken off and is looking to find sun from beneath the monstruous canopy of basil. There is a patch I had left open for an oregano plant, but I might plant some more ground cherries there instead. We shall see.