Bodies, race

by Sofia

Saw this today and loved it. I know next to nothing about Asian dance and music, but I appreciated the performance purely based on its aesthetic and affective qualities. More than anything, I loved the percussion on the taiko (a big, booming Japanese drum). I also spent a lot of the time taking in the dansers’ bodies, especially the woman’s, awed at how fully she inhabited it and how connected she was to every movement she made with her fingers, her every joint, her hair. I loved watching the artful deliberateness of the control and awareness of her body. I realized that this is something I value, and wish to one day cultivate myself, both in stillness and in motion.

Also, it was interesting to have been ignored by one of the directors of the festival when I was introduced to her simply because I wasn’t brown. I was hurt at first, only to embrace it a moment later when I realized that this is what it’s like for your skin colour to fail to grant you privilege. If more people were exposed to such experiences, maybe we’d think twice about doing it to others.