Talk at the Atwater Library

by Nene

“neither Obama, 2012, or the Internet will change the world”

belief that technology will automatically usher in a better, more democratic world

but let’s add some nuance

information suppression theory–Hungary 56, North Korea, Twitter revolution in Iran

China: uses technology to monitor–systems are open, but also controlled

he has a good voice. i just noticed. it has a boom to it. sexyyyyy

whatever, his suit is too big for him. he looks like a turtle i like how he mentions zizek. 10 points for that.

question: so if technology evryone s old yeah haha–except for the guy to the left behind us SHUDDUP in the blck glasses like yours

oh he’s cute. especially when  he’s fuzzy.

“you’re a jerk.” he likes it, though.

yo–this is my blog. I should just publish this as is. hahahahahah.