Make universal serial buses, not war

by Sofia

I biked across the city (and by city I mean mountain) to get my music back after over a year of being without it. Needless to say, I was very excited. Until I plugged in one end of the cable, only to realize that netbooks don’t have Firewire ports.

So just sat there, like a dejected chimpanzee, trying to plug it into the ethernet. I grunted sadly under my breath, stuck out my jaw and pouted a bit, wishing life were more simple, like bananas.

This is why the world will never know peace. In democratic countries where regular, physically harmful war does not reach, you will still have two large companies that will make shit incompatible with each other so that the population must take sides. Some will have inter-platform (interracial? cross-cultural?) affiliations, but they are not the majority. People will stock up on expensive, technologically advanced and antagonistic gear, making their homes into fort-shrines to these fascist monster corporations. Why can’t we all come together and get along? Why can’t our data-transfer interfaces get along? Because opposition breeds competition breeds profit. And in democratic countries, we value capitalism over harmony.

And so life continues to be an endless, albeit inane and futile, battle.

If this were a Twit (or Dent), I would tag it #firstworldproblems