BA is for bananas

by Sofia

as in, insane.

Think I’ll shoot for:
Honours Sociology
Minor in Anthropology
Minor in Religion
Elective group in Spanish America

I think I’ll settle on sociology for the following reasons: sociology allows me the flexibility of numbers and fieldwork, whereas anthropology does not do the former. Similarly, it is broader, affording me to operate at both ground-level (research) or higher-up (policy work); I think it’s important that both of these be intimately linked, thoroughly informed and affected by each other. I think a nice projected trajectory could include earning my sea legs as a soci noob learning about what’s up (perhaps specifically with regards to health and food in Montreal) before growing up into a matured, experienced sociologist with aquired knowledge about the world that I could put to good use doing stuff, like creating more sensitive and coherent policies. I think this would still allow me to do work in Argentina. I wonder how the world in general works over there. Wonder what civil society looks like over there.

I got distracted and just spent a significant chunk of time finding out about Lady Gaga. I didn’t know what the girl looked like. I didn’t know she liked to dress funny. Celebrity is dizzying. No wonder people are so confused–they’re listening to people who are avidly competing for their attention and money any way they can get it, wearing too much make-up. If staring at it for thirty minutes is disorienting, think about the effects of looking at this constantly would have.

I am still a hippie. I still want to abolish television and microwaves. I still want to make apple pie and garam masala from scratch, and tempeh in a bathtub. I want people to read and think instead of watch and consume. I’m closer to finding out the balance of my identity.