by Nene

Twitter and I are over, but I’m keeping some fond memories.

# In DC, missing Montreal and all its colourful people terribly. Wondering why life creates places that are so ugly and inevitable.12:38 AM Feb 25th from web

# Compiling a personal anthology of poetry: from Baudelaire to Russian ex-boyfriends.11:02 PM Jan 9th from web

# reading Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life cozy in bed, safe from snow and fascist ideology 9:01 PM Dec 21st, 2008 from web

# Listening to N.E.R.D. ( and appreciating humorous furniture ( PM Dec 10th, 2008 from Identica

# Interesting to see how the methods we employ to communicate shape how and what we communicate.11:57 AM Dec 4th, 2008 from Identica and I don’t see each other as often, so he’s still safe for now.