Death of hippie

by Sofia

Despite knowing how cliché it was, I used to want to change the world. Specifically, I wanted to see a radical change in the power structures in our society, so that the injustices that are exposed and corrected and poverty erradicated, education universal, migrant workers treated fairly, all our produce organic and fair trade, cars abolished, marijuana legalized and everyone eating tofu and sprouts.

Now when I think about myself saying I wanted to change the world, I wonder what sort of a privileged Western control freak I was. I now woder about what is possible, but ultimately see that no group of people will ever take the world by storm, but rather that forces will, and many times those forces will be those that profit from greed and will lead to increased stratification. And not even such a noble ideology like socialism will be able to provide a strong enough opposition to a sweeping, globalized capitalist economy with its ugly sister, consumerist culture.

So maybe I’ll just content myself with casting one starfish in at a time, and accept that many others will bake to their deaths in the sun–and know that I’ll probably be having many for lunch, in one way or another. As some swami or other said, what merit is there to being successful in an unhealthy society?