no more Muzak

by Nene

I’m going to start keeping the cool webby things Christine passes along to me. First one here:

Fresh Hot Radio: a web-native electronic music internet radio. [Warning: Some songs suck, so skip to the next one if needed.]

Is there such a thing as public domain music? Is there a mechanism similar to the death of author + x years? Then we could have more than just electro music, which can be good but can also make some people want to blast their brains out. I know there are artists who’ve decided to ditch the conventional licenses, allowing people to pirate their music legally, and have decided to make their money touring (I’m thinking of Ani DiFranco, Radiohead, and some metal band I can’t remember now.); the logic is that people are pirating anyway, so instead of condemning them, they see it as a way to get more people hooked on their music, which will translate into more people buying tickets to see them live, merchandise, et cetera. Would it be feasible to make a radio like this with their music?

Making music public and more easily available would challenge the hegemony of mainstream music, and perhaps make more room for more artful and and talented people to get out there and better known. It would make all music folk music, and would fail to put the interests of the audience at odds with the interests of the musicians. So-called piracy, like abortion, could use some rethinking to re-evaluate its causes and context, and some creative thinking to make it properly and responsibly used, rather than unsafe and illegal.