Ladakh + thoughts

by Sofia

GMO -> taking control of food out of the people -> food monopoly by Monsanto -> control of food inustry -> control of land -> disenfranchisement of people -> poor education -> bad jobs -> low standard of living -> passed on to children -> bad government -> bad policies -> cycle repeated; health also affected

Antidotes to the self-perpetuating cycle:
good governance/accountable government
civil society/social programs (governmental or non)
health (to a lesser extent?)

The West has problems: unsustainability, poverty, pollution, inequity, dependence on unjust economic and power relations. Unquestioning spreading of modernization may allieviate problems in some cases, but ultimately they are only seeking to rectify the damage they did as colonial powers in the region decades or centuries before.  But is creating a Western standard of living in other places worth the destruction of their culture? Especially when these cultures have valuable lessons to teach us about the importance of their traditional wisdom, self-sufficiency, and community?

If one were to study anthropology anthropologically, one would see that it is a Western convention, developed by an intellectual cultural group that first exploited the peoples it now wishes to study. Why? The impetus for its existence stems from that same culture’s fixation on understanding (dissecting and destroying if necessary) the world around them, including other cultural groups. And to what end? Inevitably, the most important goal that has emerged is developement, that is, the transformation of these areas into money economies that can be introduced to the world market as new places to exploit.

Perhaps, taken to its logical conclusion, anthropology should study itself. That reminds me of what G. told me about anthropologists going off to write fiction, or stories, or more about themselves than the people, as perhaps this contrast with the Other did more to show the anthropologist about himself.

one’s interest not divided from others’ interests

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