Overheard on Waverly

by Sofia

Christine was having a conversation with a friend today and while I listened I came up with some ideas that I initially kept to myself but–surprise, surprise!–I ended up getting in edgewise whenever possible.

Anger, violence, resentment can be fonts of extremely positive motivation and energy.

The problem with letting go is that it sometimes implies turning a blind eye to injustice.

Christine granted a pass for being brave enough to come back to her roots; her effort to leave a more comfortable situation was appreciated.

Sometimes in life, you realize certain things are more important than you, and you just do them.

I respect Che Guevara because of his fulfilling his noblesse oblige by casting it aside and putting himself truly in solidarity with those who had the least.

C. not paranoid–merely aware of his class consciousness.

Also not fair to not understand that anyone can have problems, that everyone is human, rich or not.

I think being judgmental is okay if one applies the same criteria to oneself first.

To read: James Joyce, Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist