Thoughts during Che

by Sofia

Hegel said that it is ideas that are the impetus underpinning change and movements in history. My own life is a good example of that in microcosm. As I am reading about Che’s life and reflecting on my conversation with Mike, I am thinking about studying in Argentina, about what books I will read next, seeing how the ideas I encounter in one translate into my life right now, figuring out how (working as what, on what principles, to what end, by what means) I actually want to live my life, and what I need to be doing now to go towards these goals, both short- and long-term. So once again, a list:

  • Need to read more; specifically philosophical classics, in Spanish, about Argentina, literature, etc.
  • Do I want to live in Argentina? Where? Doing what?
  • Does that mean I should go study there? What are the implications of studying here vs. there? If here, will be easy for me there, therefore playing into North American dominance to my benefit. If there, will I be able to achieve the goals I aim for? More practically, would I be able to manage there?
  • I need to start running
  • Email I just sent: I’ve been reminded many times of an off-hand comment you made to me about the importance of returning to the States to fix it exactly for the same reasons for which I want to leave it. I said I wanted to get the hell away from it; you responded that it’s necessary to go back to change it rather than run away. It did not sit well with me to realize my position was escapist. However, slowly I’ve come to understand a different side of it: it’s my parents who fled, and it’s Argentina they abandoned. In my own right, it’s Argentina I want to return to, not only because I hate the US’s M.O., but especially because I’d like to work towards an Argentina that can be strong against it and its pernicious, hegemonic policies. And so I feel better about my stance now.

Side note: my writing has slowly been deteriorating and now has come to absolute literary garbage. Is it the French? Is it the lack of papers? Is it my inability to read during the semester? I don’t know, but it’s sad and I will focus more on the content in hopes that it will redeem the writing.

Update at 23h03

Another option: maybe I could study medicine in Cuba! I wonder if they’d ever let me back in to the States…