What’s Cuba got to do with it?

by Sofia

Idea: How about I convert, do a year exchange in Argentina, fall in love, and take it from there?


Went to a lecture by a Sufi master the other day:

  • I find that lately, religion is the most revolutionary thing available. It is the antidote to, the antithesis of science and rationalism.
  • Whatever and anything you do, see it as an interaction with the Divine.
  • Seclusion in the crowd: heart is with the Divine, external body with people.
  • Everyone is a Divine favor for us, better than us.
  • Our society: Don’t know how to spell name but need to be able to criticize Masters–good for landing shuttles on new lands, but not for understanding the human soul.
  • Perfect shape is the sphere; no beginning, no end; analogous to human soul.
  • Sufism is ability to fuse into present and past in this time and place; Sufis are children of the moment
  • Bird wanting to fly with only one wing: wing of spirituality + wing of roles, customs (Westernized versions of Sufism that retain spiritual teachings while leaving behind the rituals)
  • Love for the Sherif more intense than love for anything else on earth; nothing to do with the physical love we know
  • Joseph: story of physical love. 21 years in jail, nuit de noces–girl prays and meditates until dawn. All was for Divine light in him, not his body.
  • Master who commands such great love from others must be extremely humble
  • Zekar: nourishment of heart. repetition of verses on a daily basis.


I am so different now from what I used to be, due to so many different changes. What is a product of moving to Montreal? What a product of how I look? What a product of being jilted by Ariel? What a product of simply growing up?

One difference I notice is that there is a whole lot more bullshit in my life and a lot less time for reflection and reading. Right now I’m just doing doing doing without having too much time to think. I don’t like that. And the more I do that, the less I lose sight of what is important to me, how I want to live, etc. Here I am, thinking about what I’ll wear and who I like and buying booze. Whatever happened to the Sofi that didn’t care about boys and wanted to be wild and have no strings attached?

The idea I have of life today is fundamentally different than the one I imagined from the window of Avery for so many years. It used to be more organic, have some dirt around the edges, and be more Daoistic and limitless. Today it involves much less love and is more goal-oriented. Things make less sense and don’t fit together as well anymore. Before, I would be able to make a place for myself in the world I imagined; today, I find I have no idea where I will go or what I will do, but I know that the place I am in right now is now what I love. Perhaps I should have gone to McGill? If I wanted to, I could transfer. Where do I want to live, though? Montreal? The States? Argentina? Israel? What do I even know about these countries? Who do I want to live amongst, and with? I think it would be good for me to spend some months in Argentina to see what it’s actually like there.