Things that interest me:

by Nene

  • anthropology and health
  • anthropology of sex/sexuality/sexual health
  • midwifery
  • native/indigenous sustainability (in contrast to Western unsustainable philosophy and practices)
  • fulfillment in life; happiness
  • belonging to a people and a culture that is Judaism
  • tempering and balancing myself through wisdom that is Hindu and Buddhist philosophy
  • collective, community models (kibbutzim, et cetera)
  • defiance of Western cultural (social/political/ideological/artistic/economic) hegemony through preservation of alternative cultures; cultural diversity
  • balance (emotional; physical; mental)
  • return to earth and body

This last one comes from the following excerpt from my cultural anthropology textbook in which two anthropologists describe the reverse culture shock they experience upon return to San Francisco from India:

We could not understand why people were so distant and hard to reach, or why they talked and moved so quickly. We were a little frightened at the sight of so many white faces and we could not understand why no one stared at us, brushed against us, or admired our baby.

We could not understand the gabble of voices on the television set. When we could understand people, they seemed to be telling lies. The trust and warmth seemed to have gone out of life to be replaced by coldness and inhumanity. People seemed to have no contact with reality. All of the natural human processes—eating, sleeping together, quarreling, even playing—seemed to be divorced from earth and flesh.